Anata no Tomodachi Kiki to Lala (song)

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Anata no Tomodachi Kiki to Lala (Japanese: あなたの友だちキキとララ) is a song about the Little Twin Stars, featured on Anata no Tomodachi Kiki to Lala (Sanrio Record).

Lyrics (English)[edit | edit source]

Your Friends Kiki and Lala/Little Twin Stars

The stars’ people are protected
Let’s try dream scribbles

When we are doing dream scribbles
The clouds will surely come to pick us up

※ Kiki is next to you
Lala is behind you
Your friends   Kiki and Lala

If you wrap up the silver tunnel
The world of stars is already close

The world of stars greeting
It is a smiling good evening


Everyone wearing barefoot pajamas
Let's try to walk in the night sky

A night sky walk feels good
Nobody scolded for going slow

※ Repeat

And then in the middle of tomorrow’s nights
Lets unroll the gifts of the stars 
When the gifts of the stars are many
You can split them with someone you like



References[edit source]

  1. Thanks YouTube user Starshooter (translated using Fiverr), and the translator.

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