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Universe Bo-Boku Nezumikozoudai!
Full name/Real name/Shorter name Chukichi
Japanese name ボ・ボクねずみ小僧だい!,
First appearance 1984
Based on A character who can become "Nezumikozou". Nezumikozou possibly refers to Nezumi Kozō, a Japanese thief from Edo during the Edo period.
Gender Male
Links 1. Official Japanese Sanrio website - Nezumikozou page.
2. Official Japanese Sanrio website - Nezumikozou page (archived English version from 2012).

Bo-Bokunezumikozoudai!, known in short as Nezumikozou is a Sanrio character introduced in 1984.

Biography[edit | edit source]

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Bo-Bokunezumikozoudai! appears as a male character wearing a blue outfit, with a blue hood with the Japanese hiragana "ね" on it. He has peach-pink trousers and green or turquoise footwear. He can be seen eating different coloured pink, white, green or turquoise dango from a stick.

His real name is Chukichi. His birthday is on March 3rd. While Bo-Bokunezumikozoudai! is usually quiet, he has the ability to transform into Nezumikozou when motivated. His hobby is making dango (a Japanese dumpling and sweet), and his best friend is Okiku-chan (Japanese: お菊ちゃん).

The pink dango transforms Bo-Bokunezumikozoudai! into a powerful person. The white dango transforms him into Nezumikozou.