Boo Gey Woo

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Boo Gey Woo
Boo Gey Woo.png
Universe Boo Gey Woo
Japanese name ブーギーウー
First appearance 1984
Based on Pig chefs
Nationality American
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Boo Gey Woo (not to be confused with Boo Gie Boo) is a Sanrio universe introduced in 1984.

Profile[edit | edit source]

The Boo Gey Woo are three chef pigs, who are siblings in the same family. They decided to open a restaurant on the highway, and live in a country town in the USA. Boo is reliable, and the eldest son. Gey is the youngest son, is greedy, and is a lover of croquettes. Woo is the eldest daughter.

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