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Universe WeAreDinosaurs!
Japanese name ブラッキー
Based on Brachiosaurus?

Blacky[1] is a red or green Sanrio character from the WeAreDinosaurs! universe that consists of Blacky, Tiran the tyrannosaurus, Tops the triceratops, Tera the pterodactyl and Stega. Their design and name may be based on a brachiosaurus.


Tiran, Tops, Ptera, Blacky and Stega are all described as jolly and energetic dinosaurs.

Blacky likes to walk and eat the leaves on trees.[2]


It has been suggested that this article or section should be reviewed. The reason given is that: Someone knowledgeable about the franchise in relation to Blacky and Bront's history may be able to make clear his relation to Bront.

A similar character who may have been replaced by Blacky was introduced named Bront. Bront looks like a green version of Blacky. Bront can be found in the video games Sanrio Timenet: Kako Hen and Mirai Hen.