Bucket Daruma

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Bucket Daruma
Sprite: Bucket Daruma sprite.png
Universe Nintendo, Character Soft, Mario Co., Ltd, Softnica
Full name/Real name Bucket Daruma
Japanese name バケツダルマ
First appearance 1990
Based on Snowman

Bucket Daruma (meaning "Bucket Snowman") is the boss of Stage 6 (Snowman) in Hello Kitty World (Famicom). They are a snowman wearing gold glasses with a golden bucket on its head. The snowman throws its bucket on to Hello Kitty, which can cause her to lose a life if it hits. The bucket goes back to the snowman like a boomerang.

The Bucket Daruma can be attacked by landing on its head without the bucket, causing it to flinch. Doing this enough times defeats it and clears the stage.

Bucket Daruma is actually a rebranded version of the equivalent boss from Balloon Kid; a game that was not released outside of Japan until its release as an upgraded game called Balloon Fight GB, though their official name in Balloon Fight GB is unknown and could also be Bucket Daruma.