Captain Willy (character)

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Captain Willy (character)
Captain Willy.png
Universe Captain Willy
Japanese name キャプテンウィリー
First appearance 1979
Based on Sailor
Gender Male
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Captain Willy is a Sanrio character introduced in 1979, and the main character of the Captain Willy universe.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Captain Willy comes from Napoli and sails the seven seas with his companion Presso the white dog. He is a sailor who wears white and blue clothes with his trademark beard and pipe and a great fashion sense he likes to smoke a pipe and drives the sanrio boat

Captain Willy has a big heart and is "kind, brave and reliable". He enjoys making pizza and has traveled to many faraway lands across the seven seas, which has "made him very knowledgeable".

Friends[edit | edit source]