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Caribadix logo.png
Universe Caribadix
Japanese name Caribadix/カリバディクス
First appearance 2016/2017
Based on Animal band members (featuring a wolf and a squirrel)

Caribadix is a Sanrio-related universe of characters. It has been featured in an anime of the same name since May 7, 2017. Sanrio own the copyright to the universe, since 2016.


Caribadix is featured in an anime series of the same name, broadcast on the Japan Countdown television program between May 7, 2017 to January 6, 2019 in a joint project between TV Osaka, Swan Song, Sanrio and Fanworks.[1]

The universe stars Carina; a pink squirrel who looks cute but is a hardcore rock music player, as well as Deeky who looks fierce but is actually pure-hearted and a little gossipy; stereotypical of a moe.[2] They form a band together with various members.



Main characters[edit]

First season[edit]

Second season[edit]


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