Chara Pasha! Hello Kitty

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Chara Pasha! Hello Kitty
Chara Pasha Hello Kitty.png
Publisher(s) Nippon Columbia
Release date(s) Japan December 8 2010
Platform(s) Nintendo DSi

Chara Pasha! Hello Kitty (Japanese: キャラ・パシャ! ハローキティ) is a Japan-only video game for Nintendo's DSiWare service for the Nintendo DSi and Nintendo 3DS families of consoles, by Nippon Columbia.

The game is a Hello Kitty themed part of the "Chara Pasha!" series, in which players can decorate photographs with stamps, frames and copy the photographs to an SD Card.

Other games in the series include Chara Pasha! My Melody, Chara Pasha! Kikansha Thomas, Chara Pasha! Cinnamoroll, Chara Pasha! SpongeBob and Chara Pasha! Kaiten Muten Maru.

On May 29, 2016 the games were removed from Nintendo eShop possibly due to licensing reasons.[1]

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