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Universe Chocopanda
Japanese name ちょこぱんだ
First appearance 2000
Based on Panda chefs
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Chocopanda is a Sanrio universe, introduced in 2000s.

Profile[edit | edit source]

The Chocopandas are a group of chef pandas, including apprentices, and a parent who doesn't work too much. To become a great panda, they work at a bakery, fair and flower shop every day. Every day they are treated kindly and well-informed, guided by their father who possesses those qualities of kindness, knowledge. Sometimes the chefs are taught in a laid-back way, but other times in a strict way.

Ten the apprentice is a curious researcher. Teko is greedy. All of the characters however are quite playful. Mai is reliable, and the leader of three people. All these apprentices are looking forward to their future training.

The birthday of the parent panda is October 18th.

Their mentor is Oyakata.