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Universe Chuppies
Full name/Real name/Shorter name Berry, Soda, Mint, Grape, Lemon
Japanese name チュッピーズ,
First appearance 2001
Gender Female

Chuppies, also known as Chewppies[1] is a Sanrio universe introduced in 2001.

They are a gang of five tiny mice of different colours.

Biography[edit | edit source]

The Chuppies live in a flower field deep in a forest of sweets. They are best friends who love to sing and dance. Every day in the flower field they do cute little dances.

Berry (the pink mouse) is kind and the elder sister. She acts as a leader of the group. Her starsign is Cancer.

Soda (the blue mouse) is hardworking and a competitive type. S/he does not like losing. Her/his starsign is Sagittarius.

Mint (the green mouse) is "easygoing" and "takes things at her own pace". Her starsign is Aries.

Grape (the purple/grey mouse), also known as "Gray" is "shy and a little spoiled", but the best at singing. Her/his starsign is Pisces.

Lemon (the orange mouse, officially described as "yellow") is the best dancer, and is cheerful and cheeky. S/he loves mischief. Her/his starsign is Libra.[2][3]

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