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Universe Cinnamoroll
Full name/Real name/Shorter name Cinnamon
Japanese name シナモロール, Cinnamoroll
シナモン, Cinnamon
ベビーシナモン, Baby Cinnamon
First appearance 2001
Based on Puppy
Gender Male
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Cinnamoroll or Cinnamon is a popular Sanrio character created in 2001[1] by Miyuki Okumura. He is based on a white little boy puppy with long ears. Early in his history, he was promoted as part of the "Baby Cinnamon" series.


Cinnamoroll's birthday is March 6th. He was born in the distant sky, above the clouds.[2]

When the owner of a small cafe saw a white puppy floating out of the sky like a fluffy cloud she thought "I wonder if he came because he smelled my cinnamon rolls".[3]. Since Cinnamoroll has a curly tail just like a cinnamon roll, she named him "Cinnamon".

One day Cinnamoroll flew to a place where he found a sister at Café Cinnamon. In the present day they live together and Cinnamoroll works as a mascot " for Café Cinnamon. He loves napping in customers's laps, and just playing. He soon became popular with the customers.


Video and animation[edit]

Cinnamoroll has his own animated movie known as Cinnamon: The Movie (Japanese: シナモン The Movie) released on December 22 2007 that was available in cinemas by Shochiku. DVDs of the movie were released.

Other Cinnamoroll videos include Zēnbu! Cinnamon, Cinnamon no Himitsu no Tobira, ABCinnamon Eigo de Asobo! and titles in the Sanrio Pokoapoko series.


Cinnamoroll is featured in a full-colour[4] comic (manga) series called Fluffy, Fluffy Cinnamoroll (Japanese: ふわふわ♥シナモン, Fuwafuwa♥Cinnamon). The story and art is credited to Yumi Tsukirino and the original concept is credited to Chisato Seki.

Cinnamoroll has a series of three travel picture books called Cinnamon Travel Ehon (Japanese: シナモントラベルえほん). Another Japanese Cinnamoroll book is Cinnamon ga Ippai!, labelled as an "official fan book".

A novel about Cinnamoroll called Cinnamoroll: Cinnamon no Fushigi Ryokou (Japanese: シナモロール シナモンのふしぎ旅行) starring Cinnamoroll and Poron going on time travelling adventures was released on September 12, 2014 by Kadokawa Shoten.

Video games[edit]

Cinnamoroll is featured in several video games, such as Cinnamoroll: Koko ni Iru yo, Cinnamon: Yume no Daibouken and Cinnamoroll: Fuwa Fuwa Daibouken.


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