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Japanese name デビルミント鬼龍, デルミン
First appearance 2019
Based on Demons/devils, self-catering apartment staff
Gender Female (Delmin)
Nationality Devilmint Demons
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The Devilmintkiryu group are Sanrio characters, introduced in 2019.

Profile[edit | edit source]

They live alone in an old apartment and have a daughter known as Delmin. She was born on March 10. The apartment is self-catering, and will offer meals such as fried food, fried eggs.

Delmin cannot let go of her own plush toy, and is good at tasks that require lots of work and concentration. Delmin is serious and cool, with a passion for studying. She has a special skill of firing a beam out of her horn. Her hobby is walking with an (and possibly creating onigiri bears?), as well as creating a playlist of her favourite music. Her favourite food is mint chocolate, and rice balls.