Donragon (character)

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Donragon (character)
Universe Donragon
Japanese name ドンラゴン
First appearance 1993
Based on Anthropomorphism of a dragon football player
Gender Male

Donragon is a character attributed to Sanrio introduced in 1993. He is the star of a Japanese television series with the same name which was part of a television series for children known as Daisuki! Hello Kitty.

Donragon was designed by Hisato Inoue.

Despite the fact that Donragon is copyrighted to Sanrio, there is currently no mention of him on the Sanrio Character Index.


Donragon resembles a yellow lizard with a tail similar to the Pokémon "Scraggy". He wears a red cap, blue shirt with "D" on it and red shorts and shoes.

Donragon is a football player in a football stadium somewhere in the world. While playing football, a villainous team known as the Kaijuu Gundan (Japanese: 怪獣軍団) like to issue him a red card even though he doesn't do anything wrong. Additionally, Monster Zakki (a boss of the Kaijuu Gundan) attempts to hit Donragon in the football stadium.

Donragon has a girlfriend known as Madonra-chan whose kiss has the ability to power up Donragon. This surprises a panda character known as Bikkuri Panda.

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