Dreamtale Kubear

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Dreamtale Kubear
Dreamtale Kubear.png
Universe Dreamtale Kubear
Full name/Real name/Shorter name rainbow bears
Japanese name ドリームテイルクーベア
First appearance 2009
Based on bear
Gender female male
Nationality dollhouse
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The Dreamtale Kubear universe refers to a series of different coloured teddy bear characters and soft toys produced by Sanrio. The Dreamtale Kubears were targeted for mainly adults of an age in their twenties.

It was introduced in 2013 and the first product series was set a release date of April 24, 2013.[1]

Each different Dreamtale Kubear has a different design depending on their feelings and the seasons, and promote positive messages such as "dreams come true!" or "love will prevail!".

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