Hello Kitty ♥ PAC-MAN (2020 arcade game)

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Hello Kitty ♥ PAC-MAN
Hello Kitty Pac Man 2020 arcade.png
Developer(s) Namco (original game)
Publisher(s) Super Impulse
Release date(s) USA 2020
Platform(s) Arcade

Hello Kitty ♥ PAC-MAN is an arcade game of Pac-Man with Hello Kitty elements. It was released in 2020 for the Tiny Arcade series, also known as the "World's Smallest" arcades by Super Impulse.

This game is a continuation of the previous 2017 Hello Kitty ♥ PAC-MAN collaboration; where Pac-Man + Tournaments included some downloadable content to include Hello Kitty.[1]

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