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Hirokazu Tanaka (kanji: 田中 宏和) (nicknames "Hip Tanaka", "Chip Tanaka"), born December 13, 1957[1] is the president of Creatures, Inc., formally Ape. He is a famous musician and engineer, especially in Japan, specializing in chip music; in particular for arcades, Nintendo Entertainment System, Game Boy, Game Boy Color and other mediums; such as anime music.

In fact, the Super Mario Land series, Metroid series (too many to list!) and other popular Nintendo franchises (including Pokémon's sub-franchise of anime) is sometimes synonymous with him amongst fans.

He has worked on Hello Kitty World (Famicom), Snoopy Concert music. He has produced albums from time to time.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • While speculative, his demo song "Small Gift" from the Hirokazu Tanaka: Lost Tapes album release might be a reference to Sanrio's motto "Small Gift, Big Smile" for an unknown game.
  • He loves complex systems (may be relevant: chaos theory), themes such as vacuums, the sporadic concept or sporadicness (in group theory or maths?); his official website is called "Sporadic Vacuum". It might just be his charm, or he does it for inspiration, poetry, or 'music in word'?
  • He is relatively proficient in English, though his lyrics to Summer Demo may be difficult to hear.
  • The Kid Icarus series enemy Specknose is also a parody of Hirokazu Tanaka, his glasses and nose.

References[edit source]

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