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Universe Ichigoman, Hello Kitty
Japanese name イチゴマン
First appearance 2011
Based on Hello Kitty
Gender Female
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Ichigoman is a Sanrio universe, introduced in 2011, and is a variant of Hello Kitty.

Profile[edit | edit source]

Associated with a Hello Kitty art exhibition, Ichigoman looks like Hello Kitty (and actually is Hello Kitty) but wears a red and green superhero suit decorated with strawberries on it. She fights against monsters created by evil hearts and transformed into Ichigoman after receiving an old picture book.

Whenever she raises her phone into the sky, the words パワー・ザ・キティ! ("Power The Kitty!") can be heard. Her birthday is on January 15th (the date Hello Kitty turned into Ichigoman).