Ijuuin Pandaba

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Ijuuin Pandaba
Universe Bad Badtz-Maru
Japanese name 伊集院パンダバ, パンダバ
Gender Female
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2. Official English Sanrio website - Badtz-Maru page.
3. Official Japanese Sanrio website - Bad Badtz-Maru family page - archived English version from 2012.

Ijuuin Pandaba, or Pandaba is a Sanrio character from the Bad Badtz-Maru universe.


Ijuuin Pandaba is a black and white panda girl who wears a red dress. Her birthday is on August 8th.

She was born in a rocky mountain in China. She is skilled at eating dumplings quickly, with the ability to fit one hundred in her mouth in one time. Her hobby is listening to rap music. Pandaba has a "twisted personality", and "responds well to flattery".[1]