Jewelpet (species)

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Jewelpet (species)
Universe Jewelpet
Japanese name ジュエルペット
First appearance 2008
Based on Pets
Gender Female, Male
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Jewelpets (Japanese: ジュエルペット) are anthropomorphic characters created by Sanrio and Sega Sammy Holdings. They are a property of the Jewelpet franchise.

Jewelpets were created by Jewelina and reside in a dimension called Jewel Land. They are mostly domesticated animals, though some Jewelpets are wild animals, insects, fish and other species. Each Jewelpet has a specific jewel, mineral or other natural material assigned to them. Their eyes are made of their jewel and can be seen shimmering when close eye contact is made.

In addition, each Jewelpet has a dormant form known as a Jewel Charm. Jewel Charms are stone-like items that represent the pet it belongs to. Jewelpets may retreat into their charms depending on what the situation is. They may be in a deep sleep state, healing when critically injured, or other circumstances may occur.

A Jewelpet's magical class is determined by the pet's eye color.

List of Jewelpets[edit]

Magical Red Class[edit]

Magical Green Class[edit]

Magical Blue Class[edit]

Magical Black Class[edit]

Unknown class[edit]

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