Keroppi and Friends (animation) (OP)

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The opening song to Keroppi and Friends (animation). Keroleen is mentioned, and many of Keroppi's friends and family appear in the accompanying animation.

Lyrics[edit | edit source]

Jumping up and floating down,
We laugh and sing we're having fun!

Bouncing very high to the clouds up in the sky!
Softly falling, floating, landing safely on the flower petals..

Happy smiling friends, happy times!
When your heart is healing, sad, friends will bring you cheer.
Saying words of love and care, smiles just for you! Ooh ooh!

Kerokerokeroppi, singing, laughing, having fun.
Kerokerokeroppi, let's go out and play!

Kerokerokeroppi, Keroleen and her friends will come.
Kerokerokeroppi, every day is fun!

Sample[edit | edit source]


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