Le avventure di Cinnamon

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Le avventure di Cinnamon (translated: The Adventures of Cinnamon) is an animated series about Cinnamoroll in Italian. It is an educational series aimed at infants and young children published by Sanver Production.

Since the series features some Japanese text, it is possible that the series is a translation of a similar series from Japanese.

It was released in two DVDs.

Episode list[edit | edit source]

DVD 1:

1. Come si lavano i denti?

2. Che ghiottone Cappuccino

3. Un'avventura nella foresta

4. Dov'é finito il pastello rosso?

5. Prima di andare a letto...

DVD 2:

1. Il compleanno di Cappuccino

2. Il gioco del ciao

3. Cucchiaio, forchetta...

4. Teniamoci per mano

5. Ciao, io sono Cinnamon!

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