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Little Miss Inventor (ISBN 978-1405288873 and ISBN 978-1-4052-9294-8) is a book by Adam Hargreaves published in 2018, featuring the Little Miss character Little Miss Inventor.

The book comes in different designs; some with equations in the background, some without any. There is also a much larger version of the book compared to classic Mr. Men and Little Miss books. The book revealed the winner of the Little Miss Inventor Challenge.


The book reveals Little Miss Inventor and how she creates creative/innovative inventions, as well as her home; a house she built herself on wheels. She is also revealed to read lots of books and live amongst many inventions she created herself, such as the electro-zapper egg boiler or the brillo-bristle teeth brusher and super-speedy-reader page turner.

Little Miss Inventor makes inventions for her friends, such as Little Miss Dotty's line marker, Mr. Chatterbox's chatter-natter hat, Mr. Tickle's back-pack-snack-attack fridge, but one day she wanted to make a present for Mr. Rude and didn't know what to create. In the end, Little Miss Inventor made a machine that made rude noises for him; and ideally no one finds him rude anymore, just funny due to the noises he makes using the machine.

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