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Universe My Melody
Full name/Real name/Shorter name Littleforestfellow
Japanese name Littleforestfellow (リトルフォレストフェロォ)
めろぉ, Mylittlemello, My littlemello
First appearance 2015
Based on Rabbit
Gender Male
Links 1. Official Japanese Sanrio website - Littleforestfellow's page (in Japanese)

Littleforestfellow is a Sanrio character created in 2015, from the My Melody universe.


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Littleforestfellow is a rabbit boy who is the second cousin of My Melody. He is nicknamed "Melo" (Japanese: めろぉ) and his favourite phrase is "nanodesu" (なのです). He really likes My Melody and likes to collect buttons with her. His birthday is on January 18th, just like My Melody.


Banpresto have produced a debut red hood, large plush toy for Littleforestfellow on February 13th 2016. It was promoted as "Mylittlemello".[1] Since then, more Littleforestfellow merchandise have been released, including a second large plush toy with Littleforestfellow wearing a pink hood, bags, a pouch and a 'stretch' (nobinobi) plush toy.

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