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Universe DokidokiYummychums
Japanese name まーぼう
First appearance 2003
Based on Angel?
WARNING: This article's image contains material which may not be age appropriate, upset and/or offend some readers. Viewer discretion is advised.

Mābou is a Sanrio character from the DokidokiYummychums universe, introduced in 2003.[1] He or she may be based on cupid, or an angel.


Mābou appears as a nude toddler with brown hair, closed eyes and two orange circles (resembling ovals turned on their side) on his or her cheeks. Mābou can be seen with a white wing attached to his or her back, and can also be seen holding a red love heart. Mābou wears a white 'cube' shaped hat with a red "D" pattern on it.

He or she is a manager of Dokidoki Company's "koiseyo otome" (roughly '[the place] where girls can fall in love') store. His or her hobbies include wishful thinking, eating and fancy dress shopping. His or her favourite foods are those of high calories.

Mābou thinks it would be nice if everyone fell in love.