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Sanrio Characters Mimmy Image001.png
Universe Hello Kitty
Full name/Real name/Shorter name Mimmy
Japanese name ミミィ
Based on Anthropomorphism of a Japanese bobtail cat
Gender Female

Mimmy is a Sanrio character from the Hello Kitty universe.


Mimmy is the twin sister of Hello Kitty and is Hello Kitty's best friend. She grew up together and studied with Hello Kitty.

Unlike Hello Kitty, she most often wears a yellow bow rather than a red or pink bow, and a yellow dress. Her bow is on her right ear, unlike Hello Kitty who wears a bow on her left ear.

Mimmy is "good at embroidery and patchwork". She likes home economics at school (her favourite subject) and dreams of getting married and "being the most beautiful bride".[1]

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