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Minnā Issho ni (Japanese: みんな一緒に) is the A-side song to the 1977 Minnā Issho ni: Patty & Jimmy Sanrio Record.

Lyrics (English)[edit | edit source]

Together with Everyone/Patty & Jimmy

Rustling lawn in the park
Try to blow the recorder and call
Baseball hat braided hair Patty
Springing forth faster than everyone
Will she appear today too   Home run
Finally Jimmy appeared too
Come quickly Jimmy Jimmy
Let’s all play together

The Striped Striped Bus trip
He holds his lunch box his heart happy happy
Bug expert that’s knowledgeable Jimmy 
He comes carrying a magnifying glass
Shall we sketch  A small white butterfly 
Finally Patty appeared too
Come quickly Patty Patty
Let’s all play together


References[edit source]

  1. Thanks Starshooter who got it translated through Fiverr, and the translator.
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