Monster Zakki

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Monster Zakki
Monster Zakki.png
Universe Donragon
Full name/Real name/Shorter name Monster Zakki
Japanese name モンスターザッキ
First appearance 1993
Based on Monster/Kaiju
Gender Female
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Monster Zakki (Japanese: モンスターザッキ) is a character from the television series "Donragon" produced by Sanrio.

Although she is believed to be an official Sanrio character (due to Donragon merchandise having a Sanrio copyright notice), she is not listed on Sanrio Japan's character search.

In Donragon[edit | edit source]

Monster Zakki is a character in the television series Donragon and a boss of the Kaijuu Gundan; a team who aims to get Donragon into trouble and issue him a red card even when he isn't doing anything wrong. When Donragon enters the football stadium, Monster Zakki attempts to hit him.

In Sanrio Timenet: Kako Hen and Mirai Hen[edit | edit source]

Monster Zakki appears in the Game Boy video games Sanrio Timenet: Kako Hen and Mirai Hen as the second to last boss in the games, who acts as one extremely powerful monster in Mars Tower. She is a reflection of Timenet, both her distress and Timenet's disruption are linked. It may be impossible for the hero or heroine to acquire her as a monster, although this is possible with an unofficial cheating device.

Her battle shout is "M.M.Monster Zakki!!!「モ・モ・モンスターザッキー!!!」. She is a monster with long purple hair, wearing a black shirt, black gloves and black high heels. Monster Zakki has a tail similar to a lizard.

Monster Zakki is an extremely difficult boss at level 99 who has the ability to heal herself and summon other monsters to attack the hero or heroine.

After the hero or heroine defeats Monster Zakki, he or she must battle with White Zakkī, and his or her monsters are not healed from the previous fight.

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