Mr. Clever (character)

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Mr. Clever (character)
Mr Clever.png
Universe Mr. Men and Little Miss
First appearance 1978
Based on Clever person
Gender Male

This article is about the character. For the book, see Mr. Clever (book).

Mr. Clever is a Mr. Men character introduced in 1978 as part of the Mr. Men and Little Miss franchise, which is currently owned by THOIP, a subsidiary of Sanrio.

The book featuring Mr. Greedy was created by Roger Hargreaves.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Mr. Clever appears as a round orange man with glasses and a green hat. He lives in Cleverland in which animals and plants show very intelligent behavioural traits, for example trees growing apples and oranges at the same time, walking flowers and worms that drive in cars.

Mr. Clever knows a lot of things, but can also be arrogant and considered himself as the "cleverest person in the world".

One time he walked out of Cleverland and met Mr. Happy who asked him to tell a joke. When Mr. Clever didn't know any jokes so wasn't able to tell him a joke, this made Mr. Clever become sad. He also wasn't able to tell Mr. Greedy about the "most delicious recipe" of the world, admitting he doesn't know how to cook.

Mr. Clever wasn't able to meet the needs of many other Mr. Men characters either, and returned to Cleverland feeling disappointed with himself. But one of the worms in Cleverland commented he was going the wrong way.

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