Mr. Mean (character)

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Mr. Mean (character)
Mr Mean.png
Universe Mr. Men and Little Miss
First appearance 1976
Based on Thin mean man
Gender Male

This article is about the character. For the book, see Mr. Mean (book).

Mr. Mean, also known in America as Mr. Stingy is a Mr. Men character introduced in 1976 as part of the Mr. Men and Little Miss franchise, which is currently owned by THOIP, a subsidiary of Sanrio.

The book featuring Mr. Mean was created by Roger Hargreaves.


Mr. Mean appears as a tall thin blue human character with a sad expression on his face and a yellow nose. Akin to his name, he was very mean and he would only care for himself.

Mr. Mean lives in a house that could have been looked after well but has instead never been painting, has holes in the ceiling and broken windows. It also hasn't been furnished inside, with no pictures, carpet, pictures or fires.

In his book, a wizard taught him to be kinder by punishing him for every wrong doing until he started to care more for others and look after his house, although he still only gave his brother two pieces of coal (one more than last Christmas) for Christmas.