Mr. Mischief (character)

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Mr. Mischief (character)
Mr Mischief.png
Universe Mr. Men and Little Miss
First appearance 1978
Based on Mischevious man
Gender Male

This article is about the character. For the book, see Mr. Mischief (book).

Mr. Mischief is a Mr. Men character introduced in 1978 as part of the Mr. Men and Little Miss franchise, which is currently owned by THOIP, a subsidiary of Sanrio.


Mr. Mischief appears as a round yellow character with a round blue nose and pink/purple hat. He likes to play pranks on people, for example in the Mr. Mischief book sawed through Mr. Happy's kitchen chair, making it break after sitting on it.

One day he tried to replace a wizard's wand with an ordinary piece of wood so that he couldn't do any magic tricks, but the wand cried out in help, waking up the wizard.

To change Mr. Mischief's ways, the wizard made it so that he was the victim of mischief. This worked for a week until Mr. Mischief gave in to temptation and went to pull a prank on Mr. Fussy, cutting off half of his moustache when he was asleep.

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