Mr. Wrong (character)

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Mr. Wrong (character)
Mr Wrong.png
Universe Mr. Men and Little Miss
First appearance 1978
Based on A person who does things incorrectly or in an unconventional way.
Gender Male

Mr. Wrong is a Mr. Men character introduced in 1978 as part of the Mr. Men and Little Miss franchise, which is currently owned by THOIP, a subsidiary of Sanrio.

The book featuring Mr. Wrong was created by Roger Hargreaves.


Mr. Wrong appears as a round red character wearing mismatching gloves (one yellow and one blue), mismatching shoes (one black and one brown) and a plant-pot with a white flower in it as a hat.

Mr. Wrong wanted to do things the correct way, but every time he tried he didn't succeed. For example, his house was built with a slanted roof, slanted windows and a window on his door. He also once put toothpaste on the wrong side of his toothbrush and fell down the stairs (which is described as being his usual "wrong" start to the day).

After staying at Mr. Right's house for a month (who looks like Mr. Wrong but with matching shoes, gloves and an ordinary hat on his head rather than a flowerpot), Mr. Wrong soon started to do things right. However, staying with Mr. Wrong had gradually caused Mr. Right to start doing things wrong, such as going to bed in the bath.