Nom Noleen

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Nom Noleen
Nom Noleen.png
Universe DokidokiYummychums
Full name/Real name/Shorter name Nomnom
Japanese name ノン・ノリーヌ
First appearance 2003
Based on Human
Gender Male
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Nom Norīnu (possibly "Nom Noleen", "nom" as in the onomatopoeia for eating food) is a Sanrio character from the DokidokiYummychums universe, introduced in 2003.[1]


Nom Norīnu is the manager of Dokidoki Company's "Yamuyamu Lagoon-ten" (Japanese: ヤムヤム ラグーン てん). He appears as a brown haired boy wearing a red apron with a yellow "D" on it. Two eyes and a mouth appear on the yellow "D".

Nom Norīnu wears a light-blue shirt patterned with black stripes and is shown on artwork to be holding a Dokidoki Chicken Chum. He likes to read manga as a hobby, and his favourite food is chocolate ice products.