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Full name/Real name/Shorter name pe penugin
Japanese name ペペペペン議員
Based on Penguin politicians
Gender Male
Nationality artctic
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Pepepepengiin is a universe jointly owned by Sanrio and Dream Link Entertaiment introduced in 2016, based on penguin characters who live in Antarctica, much like the real world.

The series received its own series of two minute long animated movies in 2016.

The title of the universe is a play on penguin and ぎ議員 (ぎいん, giin) meaning a member of the National Diet.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Pepepepengiin is about penguins in Antarctica run their own government of the Antarctic United States, in which they discuss various issues and hold debates. The main character Sean Enoshima does not talk and can only make "pe-pe-pe" sounds.

Characters[edit | edit source]


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