Petit Rie

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Petit Rie
Petit Rie.png
Universe DokidokiYummychums
Japanese name Petitリエ
First appearance 2003
Based on A girl
Gender Female
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Petit Rie is a Sanrio character from the DokidokiYummychums universe, introduced in 2003.[1]


Petit Rie is the manager of Dokidoki Company's Dokidoki l'amour-ten (Japanese: アムール てん). Her favourite hobby is playing, and her favourite food is ice cream.

In her artwork Petit Rie appears as a girl with long brown hair with curls at two ends. She has large blue eyes and pupils, and is shown with two red circles on her cheeks (as if she was blushing). She is smiling and part of her tongue is sticking out.

Petit Rie wears a red shirt with a yellow "D" on it. The "D" appears to have two dots for eyes, and the hole in the "D" appears to represent a grinning mouth. Petit Rie wears a white 'cube' shaped hat with a red "D" on it. A pink love heart can be seen next to her.