Pinkylilrose & Rioskypeace

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Pinkylilrose & Rioskypeace
Pinkylilrose.png Rioskypeace.png
Universe Pinkylilrose & Rioskypeace
Full name/Real name/Shorter name Pinkylilrose,
Japanese name ピンキーリルローズ&リオスカイピース
First appearance 2016
Based on Bear, Dog(?)
Gender Female, male
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Pinkylilrose & Rioskypeace is a Sanrio universe introduced in 2016.

Summary[edit | edit source]

These two characters consist of Pinkylilrose and Rioskypeace. Pinkylilrose is a pink dog like character wearing pink clothes decorated with roses, and two red 'butterfly' shaped ribbons in her hair, as well as two transparent ribbons on her feet and dark pink cloud shaped hair. Rioskypeace is a blue bear like character wearing red glasses with red/orange cheeks speckled with black, a red formal shirt with a badge on it, blue trousers/jeans and red boots.

Pinkylilrose is fashionable and cute but has a hidden 'devilish' side to her. She is rich and dreams of becoming a big actress. Rio Skypeace is considered 'nerdy' and is a little shy. According to the official Pinkylilrose & Rioskypeace page, while Rioskypeace's his glasses are his charm, taking them off makes him appear 'super handsome', although he is not aware.

Their birthdays are: June 23 (Pinkylilrose), May 1 (Rioskypeace).

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