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Number 156
Type Light
Japanese name プラネッタ

Planetta is a Light-type illusory monster in Sanrio Timenet: Kako Hen and Mirai Hen and #156 in the monster list.

It resembles a green planet with atmosphere resembling a gas giant with two black eyes. It has a red moon or star at the centre of its head, resembling a star or moon. Its head floats above a blue body. It has two blue arms detached from its body with two balls red serving as its 'hands'. Two red 'boots' are found and detached from below its body.


Time Surfer may have only been released through official distribution events, but is available with for a GameShark or Xploder cheating device with the codes 019C50C5, 019C81C5 and 019C89CC to change random encounters to Time Surfer.


  1. Shining (シャイニング)
  2. Moonlight (つきのひかり)
  3. Rush Punch (ラッシュパンチ)
  4. Repair (じこしゅうふく)
  5. Magnitude X (マグニチュードX)


Planetta is not known to evolve or be the evolved form of any Sanrio Timenet monster.


No. 155 No. 156 No. 157
Planesta Planetta Stardust (Sanrio Timenet monster)
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