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Universe Pompompurin
Full name/Real name Purin
Japanese name ポムポムプリン
First appearance 1996
Based on Dog (Golden Retriever)
Gender Male

Pompompurin or Purin is a Sanrio character introduced in 1996. He is a big yellow/cream coloured dog (Golden Retriever) who wears his trademark brown beret.


Pompompurin's birthday is April 16th ("on a sunny day").[1][2] He lives near the front door of a girl's house in a special 'Purin size' basket. He has a laid-back personality and can make friends with anyone. He loves the phrase "let's go out!" but hates the phrase "stay". He also loves milk, his mother's cream caramel pudding and anything soft. (Purin is named after Japanese pudding.) He dreams of growing even bigger.

Pompompurin is talented in napping and doing 'purin aerobics'.[3] Pompompurin is a beige golden retriever with a brown beret. His appearance is similar to flan.


Sourced from the official Japanese Sanrio website.[4]



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