Pompompurin: Korokoro Daibouken

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Pompompurin: Korokoro Daibouken
Purin Korokoro Daibouken box.png
Publisher(s) Rocket Company
Release date(s) Japan April 7 2016
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS
Serial code(s) CTR-BP6J-JPN

Pompompurin: Korokoro Daibouken (Japanese: ポムポムプリン コロコロ大冒険), literally Pompompurin Small and Round Rolling Great Adventure is a Nintendo 3DS game published by Rocket Company. It was released on April 7, 2016.


In this game, players can play an action pinball machine game based on Pompompurin and featuring Pompompurin as the ball. For each stage there is also a bonus "Gimmick Stage".

The game features a mode known as "Room Collection" in which the player can decorate Pompompurin's room with items.

There is also an encyclopedia mode documenting Pompompurin's friends and goods.

It is possible to put photographs into their own photo frame based on Pompompurin, like in Bonbonribbon: Tokimeki Coord Kirakira Dance.

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