Puzzle Collection: Hello Kitty no Beads Koubou

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Puzzle Collection: Hello Kitty no Beads Koubou
Hello Kitty Beads Koubou.png
Developer(s) Imagineer
Publisher(s) Imagineer
Release date(s) Japan July 17, 1999
Genre Puzzle
Platform(s) Game Boy Color
Serial code(s) DMG-AHBJ-JPN

Puzzle Collection: Hello Kitty no Beads Koubou (Japanese: パズルコレクション ハローキティのビーズ工房) (©1999 Nintendo/Imagineer), literally Puzzle Collection: Hello Kitty's Beads Factory is a puzzle game for Nintendo's Game Boy series of gaming consoles.

It is part of the Puzzle Collection Series. Another game in this series is Puzzle Collection: Hello Kitty no Magical Museum.


The genre of this game is a tile-matching puzzle game similar to the game Yoshi's Cookie (rights partially owned by Nintendo; likely hence the copyright on this game), in which the player shifts various beads to match five in a row and make them disappear. Additionally, the bead for Hello Kitty's face acts as any bead; so if there were four hearts and one Hello Kitty face the hearts and Hello Kitty's face would disappear.

There are three main modes in this game, including "play alone" (ひとりであそぶ) in which the player plays through various rounds alone, "battle" (たいせん) in which the player battles against the computer or another Game Boy and the Print Studio.

After the player clears a round, it may unlock a picture to print in the Print Studio using the Game Boy Printer.


  • The game has a 1992 and 1999 Nintendo copyright notice on both the introduction screen and box art, but it seems Nintendo staff were not directly involved in the development of this game. (staff credits)