Hello Kitty Magical Museum

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Puzzle Collection: Hello Kitty no Magical Museum
Hello Kitty Magical Museum box.png
Developer(s) Atelier Double
Publisher(s) Imagineer
Release date(s) Japan April 28, 1999
Genre Puzzle
Platform(s) Game Boy Color
Serial code(s) DMG-AHKJ-JPN

Puzzle Collection: Hello Kitty no Magical Museum (Japanese: パズルコレクション ハローキテイのマジカルミュジアム), Hello Kitty Magical Museum (official name), or Hello Kitty's Magical Museum is a video game for Nintendo's Game Boy Color system that was published by Imagineer.

It is part of the Puzzle Collection Series. Another game in this series is Puzzle Collection: Hello Kitty no Beads Koubou.


There are two main modes in this game; "GAME" and "MUSEUM". In "Game" mode the player can choose to solve multiple puzzles with Hello Kitty artwork from flower, apple and star categories. These puzzles involve Hello Kitty automatically walking through a room which reveals parts of a puzzle for when Hello Kitty walks across empty space. Gates can be adjusted in order to make Hello Kitty walk in a different path.

After the player solves the puzzle, it is unlocked in the "Museum" mode where it is able to be viewed. Different artworks in the Museum mode are sorted by year (possibly the year of release).