Robby Rabbit

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Robby Rabbit
Robby Rabbit.png
Universe Robby Rabbit
Japanese name ロビーラビット
First appearance 1975
Based on Rabbit
Gender Male
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For the third party Hello Kitty World (Famicom) character, see Robbie (Hello Kitty World, Famicom)

Robby Rabbit is a Sanrio character and universe, introduced in 1975.

Profile[edit | edit source]

Although Robby Rabbit is a rabbit, he is not good at hopping. He likes motorcycles and skateboards and his dream is to eventually fly in the sky. As a hobby, Robby Rabbit likes to make crafts. His favourite bike has a propeller on it.

Robby is a third year student at a school named "Hareville School", in Usagi Town (Rabbit Town). His is best friends with Bee Bee a honey bee, and also is friends with the Beezy Riders.

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