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Universe Shinkansen
Japanese name シンカンセン
First appearance 1999
Based on Shinkansen (bullet train)

The Shinkansen, also stylized as SHINKANSEN are a team of 14[1] Sanrio characters introduced in 1999. They are based on Japan's shinkansen; a network of high-speed railway trains.

Like other Sanrio characters, they have their own merchandise, such as towels, notebooks, drink bottles. In January 2002, Takara Tomy released Capsule Play Rail: Sanrio Shinkansen.[2] Pieces can be attached to form a miniature replica railway. The suggested price is 200 yen a set of pieces.


The Shinkansen Team are an energetic group who are great friends. They love to travel anywhere at top speed; such as over bridges, in the city, through tunnels and to the ocean.[3]