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WARNING: This article contains material which may not be age appropriate, upset and/or offend some readers. Viewer discretion is advised.
Art of the Sanrio characters shown with the song/message

The Sanrio Character kara no ouen message (Japanese: サンリオキャラクターからの応援メッセージ), meaning "the message of support from Sanrio Characters" is a message, song, and music video to express heartfelt condolences to residents of Japan who have suffered from earthquakes and tsunamis. It was posted on April 4, 2011. The music video is a short animation of the Sugarbunnies, My Melody, Patty & Jimmy, Hello Kitty holding hands, with the Little Twin Stars and Cinnamoroll flying in the background.

Following the Cathy court case which took place recently during the time of this message, Sanrio/Dick Bruna made a civil agreement to pay towards those hurt from the earthquakes, rather than for Dick Bruna to formally sue Sanrio.[1]

Message[edit | edit source]

The unedited message (accessed December 30, 2019), published as being sent by Hello Kitty is:

"Hi, Hello Kitty here.
To everyone affected by the terrible earthquake and tsunami,my thoughts are with you.

I truly believe that in these hard times, if we help and support each other, together everyone can overcome the difficulties facing them.

You are not alone, so please don't give up.
With the cooperation of all of us, I hope that the day when everyonecan live in peace and safety will come even one day early."

Lyrics[edit | edit source]

The English lyrics to the song, known as "Kitty's Song" are:

No matter how hard things are, no matter how dark the night,

I believe the beautiful morning will come.

No matter how long the cold winter winds blow,

I believe the sun's rays will light up the world in morning light.

The day will come when we can all understand each other.

The day will come when we can all believe in each other.

Let us all believe in ourselves

as we wait for that day to arrive.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • "everyonecan" is a typo that appears on the official video description, hence was left in this article unedited.

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