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Sanrio Wiki is an unofficial wiki related to the company Sanrio hosted on the ShoutWiki hosting service. It is not owned or officially endorsed by Sanrio and their subsidiaries, affiliates.

Sanrio Wiki was created by Torchickens (Talk) from England in the United Kingdom. Unfortunately the concept of fair use does not apply to England, meaning that any images used on the wiki must not be protected by copyright unless the user has express permission from the copyright owner.

Creative Commons Attribution License[edit]

ShoutWiki has granted Sanrio Wiki a license known as Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 under Copyleft philosophy, in which content from this wiki can be shared and changed, but a reference to the author and source must be provided for works that do not originate from the user. It is not a permission to violate copyright agreement.


Nintendo of Europe and Nintendo of Japan do not allow people to use "articles, artwork, screen shots, graphics, logos, digital downloads and other file" originating from their website on any other website or publication, public performances.

PC software[edit]

Much software for personal computers come with a user agreement. They may forbid users from extracting and distributing copyrighted files from the game.


Unfortunately copyright prevents users from using images, including characters and other "materials" originating from the official site on unofficial websites. It is also prohibited to use assets from the Japanese Sanrio website.

Shogakukan Japan[edit]

It has been requested that this article or section is in need of fact checking to ensure accuracy.
The reason given is: Do Shogakukan prevent summaries of their work in general, or only content from their website..

Shogakukan own the copyright to pictures, characters and text from their publications. Shogakukan forbid people from posting images from Shogakukan publications and making summaries, adaptions of work from the site.