Shogakukan's Separate Grade Learning Magazines

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Shogakukan's Separate Grade Learning Magazines (Japanese: 小学館の学年別学習雑誌) are a discontinued series of Japanese magazines by Shogakukan which collate manga. The magazines are split into separate grades based on stages of Japanese education ranging from first grade up to sixth grade.

In 2010, the fifth grade and sixth grade releases were discontinued. The third grade and fourth grade releases were also discontinued in February 2012.[1]

Table of grade categories[edit]

Name Japanese Romanization
Elementary School First Grade 小学一年生 Shougaku Ichinensei
Elementary School Second Grade 小学二年生 Shougaku Ninensei
Elementary School Third Grade 小学三年生 Shougaku Sannensei
Elementary School Fourth Grade 小学四年生 Shougaku Shinensei
Elementary School Fifth Grade 小学五年生 Shougaku Gonensei
Elementary School Sixth Grade 小学六年生 Shougaku Rokunensei

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