List of characters in Space-Net: Cosmo Red and Cosmo Blue

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List of characters in Space-Net: Cosmo Red and Cosmo Blue
Timenet web promotion.png
Full name/Real name Space-Net characters
First appearance March 16, 2001-
Based on International peace agents and extraterrestrials
Gender Male, female
Nationality Many

This article is a list of characters in Space-Net: Cosmo Red and Cosmo Blue.[1]

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Name Japanese Image
Protagonist (male) Space Net protagonist male.png
Protagonist (female) Space Net protagonist female.png
Agent エージェント Space Net agent.png
Rival Space Net rival.png
Space-Net no AI Space Net AI.png
Professor Space Net professor.png

Assist Characters[edit]

Name Japanese Planet Image
Hien Purple Planet SN Biretto.png
Ugo Purple Planet SN Mura.png
Baroque Purple Planet SN Dodosu.png
Nicholas Orange Planet SN Ratta.png
Bottsu Orange Planet SN Elfa.png
Isis Orange Planet SN Kureora.png
Rai Orange Planet SN Doberu.png
Peace Indigo Planet SN Esupon.png
Rick Indigo Planet SN Pengurasu.png
Pepero Indigo Planet SN Hiporasu.png
Furau Indigo Planet SN Nupa.png
Viss Indigo Planet SN Rubian.png
Chaka Blue Planet SN Hariya.png
Puru Blue Planet SN Koritto.png
Basara Blue Planet Basadian.png
Zonzora Blue Planet SN Chronos.png
Rao Yellow Planet SN Dozen.png
Bei Yellow Planet SN Reiga.png
Barin Yellow Planet SN Eepy.png
Zeasu Yellow Planet SN Unicorn.png
Ganga Red Planet SN Bax.png
Wanchi Red Planet SN Kendawan.png
Dorowa Red Planet SN Saramado.png
Kuba Green Planet SN Aligale.png
Bolt Green Planet SN Konbo.png
Tosuka Green Planet SN Mishan.png
Tink Green Planet SN Bifurei.png
Soro Green Planet SN Chokitto.png
Slipper Silver Planet SN Kerocommand.png
Rex Silver Planet SN Rex Walker.png
Koutei Dunamis SN Cracker.png

Space People (base form)[edit]

Name Japanese Planet Image
Mura Indigo Planet SN Mura.png
Ufon Indigo Planet SN Ufon.png
Kariosu Indigo Planet SN Kariosu.png
Biretto Indigo Planet SN Biretto.png
Dodosu Indigo Planet SN Dodosu.png
Pengurasu Indigo Planet SN Pengurasu.png
Kaparan Indigo Planet SN Kaparan.png
Esupon Indigo Planet SN Esupon.png
Hiporasu Indigo Planet SN Hiporasu.png
Nupa Indigo Planet SN Nupa.png
Inboda Indigo Planet SN Inboda.png
Lobs Indigo Planet SN Lobs.png
Dolfork Indigo Planet SN Dolfork.png
Rubian Indigo Planet SN Rubian.png
Ponrakku Blue Planet SN Ponrakku.png
Fokkuru Blue Planet SN Fokkuru.png
Koritto Blue Planet SN Koritto.png
Horofu Blue Planet SN Horofu.png
Hariya Blue Planet SN Hariya.png
Karaten Blue Planet SN Karaten.png
Piro Blue Planet SN Piro.png
Basadian Blue Planet Basadian.png
Amonfade Green Planet SN Amonfade.png
Aligale Green Planet SN Aligale.png
Mapo Green Planet SN Mapo.png
Mishan Green Planet SN Mishan.png
Konbo Green Planet SN Konbo.png
Chokitto Green Planet SN Chokitto.png
Papu Green Planet SN Papu.png
Herekusu Green Planet SN Herekusu.png
Bifurei Green Planet SN Bifurei.png
Ipi Yellow Planet SN Eepy.png
Reiga Yellow Planet SN Reiga.png
Osha Yellow Planet SN Osha.png
Dozen Yellow Planet SN Dozen.png
Guitto Yellow Planet SN Guitto.png
Saiganna Yellow Planet SN Saiganna.png
Pam Yellow Planet SN Pam.png
Unicorn Yellow Planet SN Unicorn.png
Ratta Yellow Planet SN Ratta.png
Tsuborakku Yellow Planet SN Tsuborakku.png
Kureora Yellow Planet SN Kureora.png
Elfa Yellow Planet SN Elfa.png
Dian Yellow Planet SN Dian.png
Sarison Yellow Planet SN Sarison.png
Doberu Yellow Planet SN Doberu.png
Bax Red Planet SN Bax.png
Sutantoru Red Planet SN Sutantoru.png
Rabi Red Planet SN Rabi.png
Nex Red Planet SN Nex.png
Kendawan Red Planet SN Kendawan.png
Dorakka Red Planet SN Dorakka.png
Saramado Red Planet SN Saramado.png
Paranchura Silver Planet SN Paranchura.png
Borusuto Silver Planet SN Borusto.png
Kerocommand Silver Planet SN Kerocommand.png
Rex Walker Silver Planet SN Rex Walker.png
Cracker Silver Planet SN Cracker.png
Chronos Gold Planet SN Chronos.png
Nunga Dunamis SN Nunga.png
Tera (Unknown) SN Tera sprite.png

Space People (evolution 1)[edit]

Name Japanese Planet Image
Muragon Indigo Planet
Trifon Indigo Planet
Gareosu Indigo Planet
Ganbiretto Indigo Planet
Dondodosu Indigo Planet
Penguransa Indigo Planet
Kaparosu Indigo Planet
Esupotton Indigo Planet
Hiporaga Indigo Planet
Nuruppa Indigo Planet
Insosa Indigo Planet
Robusurider Indigo Planet
Doraidento Indigo Planet
Rubiaqua Indigo Planet
Pondoramu Blue Planet
Forkland Blue Planet
Korikoputa Blue Planet
Horoblade Blue Planet
Hariken Blue Planet
Karatenzan Blue Planet
Pikoro Blue Planet
Basado Blue Planet
Amonkuro Green Planet
Aligestar Green Planet
Metamorumapo Green Planet
Torinisha Green Planet
Gattsukonbo Green Planet
Kuwagatta Green Planet
Shinbarupapu Green Planet
Megaherekusu Green Planet
Bifureibun Green Planet
Aipi Yellow Planet
Kurouga Yellow Planet
Usha Yellow Planet
Zentonfa Yellow Planet
Gegeitto Yellow Planet
Saicross Yellow Planet
Pom Yellow Planet
Unimassuru Yellow Planet
Rastone Yellow Planet
Sandrakku Yellow Planet
Kurebisu Yellow Planet
Erehanma Yellow Planet
DianV Yellow Planet
Sarisword Yellow Planet
Doberugreat Yellow Planet
Ogrebax Red Planet
Nidora Red Planet
Buberabi Red Planet
Nekkuslicer Red Planet
Kendarock Red Planet
Borukanon Red Planet
Giramado Red Planet
Churanpara Silver Planet
Borusudain Silver Planet
Kerotank Silver Planet
Rex Fryer Silver Planet
Cracker Devil Silver Planet
Saint Chronos Gold Planet
Nungaron Dunamis
Powered Tera (Unknown)

Space People (evolution 2)[edit]

Name Japanese Planet Image
H Mura Indigo Planet
Urufang Indigo Planet
H Kariosu Indigo Planet
Saperetto Indigo Planet
H Dodosu Indigo Planet
Pengrider Indigo Planet
Kapagaia Indigo Planet
Yuesupo Indigo Planet
Hipojet Indigo Planet
H Nupa Indigo Planet
H Inboda Indigo Planet
H Robs Indigo Planet
H Dolfork Indigo Planet
Rubiabisu Indigo Planet
Komapon Blue Planet
Rifokku Blue Planet
H Koritto Blue Planet
Horofence Blue Planet
Harisupina Blue Planet
H Karaten Blue Planet
H Piro Blue Planet
H Basadian Blue Planet
Amonsnake Green Planet
Flygale Green Planet
H Mapo Green Planet
Mishaman Green Planet
H Konbo Green Planet
H Chokki Green Planet
H Papu Green Planet
H Hereksu Green Planet
Bifureiba Green Planet
Efupi Yellow Planet
Springer Yellow Planet
H Osha Yellow Planet
Zendora Yellow Planet
H Geitto Yellow Planet
H Saiganna Yellow Planet
Pem Yellow Planet
Unikaiza Yellow Planet
Ratstar Yellow Planet
H Tsuborakku Yellow Planet
Kureorose Yellow Planet
H Elfa Yellow Planet
H Dian Yellow Planet
H Sarison Yellow Planet
Mahhadoberu Yellow Planet
H Bax Red Planet
Tatora Red Planet
Sukuryubi Red Planet
H Nex Red Planet
Kenwonder Red Planet
H Dorakka Red Planet
Meramado Red Planet
H Paranchura Silver Planet
H Borusuto Silver Planet
H Kerocommand Silver Planet
Rex Advance Silver Planet
Cracker X Silver Planet
H Chronos Gold Planet
H Nunga Dunamis
H Tera (Unknown)


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