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Universe Tenorikuma
Japanese name てのりくま
First appearance 2005
Gender Male, Female (Maple)

Tenorikuma is a Sanrio universe introduced in 2005.

The Tenorikuma resemble four small palm-sized red pandas like animals who work vigorously at a coffee shop called "Tenorikuma Coffee" (てのりくまコーヒー), which has a reputation for extraordinarily delicious coffee.

Mister Steam and Muddler are two additional characters from the universe, based on inanimate objects with happy faces. Mister Steam represents a steam cloud from the coffee, and Muddler resembles a blue muddler or spoon.

Biography[edit | edit source]

The Tenorikuma are four centimetres tall. [1]

Latte-kun is depicted with a red heart on his ear and wears a red scarf. He is a very energetic boy who tries his best. He is depicted holding Muddler. His dream is one day to open up his own shop.

Maple-chan wears a pink scarf. She is liked and seen as pretty. She works at the shop and is the only girl.

Frappe-kun wears a green scarf and is depicted holding a container. He is shy, but physicially he is a surprisingly strong person.

Chai-kun wears a yellow scarf. He is always full of energy. Sometimes he makes blunders, but he is not discouraged.

Macchiato-kun wears a blue scarf. He is a reliable, dependable person.

Mister Steam is an obake who appears but disappears soon after making a hot drink.[2]

Slogan[edit | edit source]

"We’re small enough to fit in your hand, but we make the best coffee you’ll ever have! We’re saving our money so that one day we can open our very own cafe!"[3]

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