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Universe WeAreDinosaurs!
Japanese name プテラ
First appearance 1990s
Based on Pterodactyl

Tera is a Sanrio character introduced in the 1990s. He/she is from the WeAreDinosaurs! universe in which Tiran the tyrannosaurus, Tops the triceratops, Blacky the brontosaurus and Stega the stegosaurus are members. They are a blue pterodactyl with orange hands and feet.

Tera can be found in the video games Sanrio Timenet: Kako Hen and Mirai Hen.


Tiran, Tops, Tera, Blacky and Stega are all described as jolly and energetic dinosaurs.[1]

Tera flies through the sky excitable and impatiently, though they are described negatively as being nosy or meddling and as a "timeserver".[2]


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