The Mainstream

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The Mainstream
The Mainstream.png
Universe The Mainstream
Full name/Real name/Shorter name mainstreamers
Japanese name ザ メインストリーム
First appearance 1985
Based on rabbit bear cat
Gender male female
Nationality air port
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The Mainstream is a Sanrio universe, introduced in 1985 and one of the Fancy Friends designs

Profile[edit | edit source]

It appears to include a grey rabbit, bear and cat all with jumpers/coats. The rabbit wears a blue jumper with yellow shorts and a black scarf with yellow stripes. He can be seen holding what appears to be a shopping bag with the partial text "TER G.A. 30117". The bear wears a green jumper, blue scarf with red stripes and has grey shorts. The cat may be female and can be seen with a yellow ribbon on its head, has a red coat, a blue dress. All have black shoes.