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Tokimeki no Asa (Japanese: ときめきの朝), literally Heart-Throbbing Morning is a Sanrio song about love and dreams of becoming a princess.

As well as being performed live, it served as a closing song for Hello Kitty's Animation Theater and an outsourced version of the series known as "Hello Kitty's Fun Time with Friends", in both English and Japanese.

Lyrics[edit | edit source]

"Morning sun. It shines so very bright. It fills my room with light to start my day. Hoping that my prince will come to me. So happy we will be, we'll ride away!

Then one early morning I woke up, and all the things around me weren't the same. Then I noticed everything had changed, outside my window that day. I started listening to the singing birds, and I had noticed they had changed their tune. Singing lovely in a chorus there, saying "lucky princess are you!".

Oh cupid dear up in the sky, I see you there please tell me why... Won't you shoot an arrow through my prince's heart for me?

Happy day, he's opening the door. My prince is there to welcome me inside. We're riding to this castle on the hill, where happily we'll live for all our life!"

English version staff[edit | edit source]

Producer: Christopher Bourque, John Swasey, Sandra Krasa

Lead Vocals: Monica Rial

Back-up vocals: Jessica Boone, Luci Christian

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